Almost everyone comes up with New Year’s resolutions by this time of the year. This is the easy part. Sticking to them and making sure they work to improve our lives is the challenge. You must make the right resolutions, create a plan, and achieve them.

Here are some tips to help you realize your 2019 resolutions.

Set meaningful resolutions

Setting meaningful and realistic goals gives you the best shot at success. Most New Year’s resolutions fail simply because they are not the right ones. How do we know if our goals are wrong then? First, it is based on what the society is telling you. Second, it is too vague. Lastly, you did not develop a plan to achieve them. This is the reason why one-third of people with New Year’s resolutions don’t make it beyond the end of January, according to a time management firm, FranklinCovey.


How many times have you heard about setting SMART goals? Well, this strategy works pretty well in setting New Year’s resolutions too.


Aim to make really clear resolutions. For example, if your goal is to start saving up this year, it is better to indicate how much your target savings is. This is more effective than a vague goal.


This one’s a no-brainer. You must track your progress day in and day out. This way, you can see how far you are going and to identify the behavior that reinforces you to achieve your goals. You can use a journal or a notepad or app in your smartphone to make notes.


You surely can set huge goals. However, you must make sure that they are realistic and that you don’t push yourself to take steps too fast. You can be really frustrated if you don’t hit your goals.

For example, your goal is to save up for your retirement within 5 years can be a bit shaky. What’s better is aiming to save $100-$300 every paycheck for your retirement fund within a 10-year stretch. See the difference?


Ask yourself “Are my goals really relevant?”, “Am I making them for the right reasons?” It is important to answer questions like this because when you set goals just for a momentary feeling or out of remorse, they wouldn’t last long. This is according to psychiatrist and self-help books author Dr. Michael Bennett. He advises to build up a process and think really hard about what’s good for you instead. This way, you are changing the structure of your life and attracting people who can help you reach your goals.


You should also not forget to set a realistic timeline for you to achieve your goals. Give yourself enough time and set daily actions you can take to reach your goals. Make it a gradual process and carry out small wins. Celebrate wins no matter the size!

Need Help in Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions?

Some things are easier said than done. Time proves everyone that setting New Year’s resolutions and achieving them can be really challenging. This is why it pays to have professional guidance along the course of your journey. As part of my new year treat, you can claim my gift of a consultation at no cost with me. Let us map out realistic strategies to achieve your goals for a much better 2019 personally and professionally.

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