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Meet Israel Duran

Israel Duran is recognized as a mentor who helps Visionary Entrepreneurs discover, design & deliver their gift to the world!

Israel is in high demand as a business consultant, speaker, and trainer in the 4 pillars of business that he specializes in, branding, marketing, sales and operations. In less than 7 years he has built several businesses and has empowered 1000s of purpose-driven entrepreneurs worldwide. His vision is to train visionaries on how to leverage their expertise and knowledge to create profitable businesses that impact individuals, businesses and the world.

Through his simple 3 step proven and transferable process, Israel is able to accelerate businesses by helping them discover crystal clear clarity into their purpose, teaching them how to design their gifted solutions and showing them how to deliver their messages effectively to the world. He is known for his ability to unlock the best in others and position them to profit with purpose.

If you are a Visionary who is serious about growing your business by leveraging the service of speaking online or offline, Israel Duran is one of the few people who can assist you in that desired outcome.

Israel has consulting clients whose businesses are doing 6 and 7 figures + in revenue using the business optimization strategies Israel taught them.

Featured in:

Israel Duran's clients & students include

Jim Baker

CEO of Wealth With God

Adrienne Olario

Content Creator Influencer @HelloLittleThree

Shae Bynes

Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Sheda Jackson

Lifestyle Influencer @SincerelySheda

Matt Tommey

CEO of Artist Rise Up

Steven Kuhn

Founder of QOL,
Co-Owner of Verpreneur Tribe

Drew Blumenthal

Digital Drew, Top Social Media Marketer

Robia Scott

Professional Actress, Speaker and Founder of Divine Realign

Michael Huey

CEO of He-Fluence

Drew Neal

CEO of Solutionary Growth

"Over $380K In Revenue!"

From a direct result of working with Israel, within 11 months he generated over $380K in revenue. He is now pursuing his purpose and protecting the future of his family financially.

Nilo T.

Founder, Kingship Construction

"He's Hands Down a World Class Expert"

After working with Israel he now has several marketing funnels that allow him to attract leads and sales. Before working with Israel struggling to streamline his online process.

David C.

Founder, eWorkforce Technologies

"Israel Training Style Is Straight To The Point, No Fluff"

"Israel went over and above what was expected, I would highly recommend anyone looking to start or grow their small business to work with Israel."

Joshua Bobbit

CEO & Founder, Fortified Logic

"Israel Comes With The Highest Level of Integrity"

After working with Israel he is now able to grab attention and attract his desired client with integrity.

David T.

Co-Founder, Win Enterprises

"Its Really Impacted Our Lives Personally"

After working with Israel they are now leveraging many online resources that they were not aware of.

Tanya C.

Co-Founder, Mike Craft Medicare

Principle Proven Programs


Different Ways To Work With Him To Help You Scale:

LIVE Event Empowerment – Are you ready to work with Israel to scale what is already working with your LIVE EVENT or help you launch a complete LIVE EVENT to scale your business online. Includes Strategic Consulting, Sales Funnel Buildout, Facebook Ads Setup/Management, Positioning Your Pitch, Presentation, and Pricing Structure, for a percentage of the sales. Apply now to see if you qualify for Israel’s signature program.Apply now to see if you qualify for Myron’s signature program:

IDA Growth Program – Our done with you coaching program is designed to help you address the biggest bottlenecks & pains in your business head-on to grow your business in 2 months.

Business Connection, Coaching & Consulting – Israel will work directly with you to help you position your marketing, optimize your operations and/or sales strategy to brand and accelerate your business in record time.

Presentation Assessment Consulting –  Israel will work with you to do a full assessment of your existing pitch, presentation or webinar. He looks at its performance across many different steps in 12 domains of his SOS methodology, for a percentage of the sales.

Presentation Creation Services – Israel will create a high converting pitch, presentation or webinar for you from scratch. We have two versions of this service. One that is just the presentation by itself. And, another with all of the marketing components needed for success.

Facebook Ads Consulting – Israel will teach you or your team how to create, position and manage your FB Ad Campaigns for the best possible optimization to drive leads and/or sales for your live event, webinar, VSL, product or service offering.

Sales Funnel Buildout – Israel will build you a complete funnel designed to get you to $100,000+. You must be a Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Expert Professional or Service Based Business Owner.


Passive Profit Producer is a 3 module online program with online worksheets, principle based videos and a proven structure for helping you package what you know into a digital course. It will position you to produce passive profits online and offline leveraging what you already know in a high value digital course.

Imagine having the ability to go manage your finances in an effective way, whether it’s paying off debt improving your credit score or becoming financial free.

Discover what it takes to effectively manage your finances. Weather you are an employee or in business the M3 course will simplify 7 strategies for managing your finances more effectively.

Keys for Entrepreneurs is a 3-module online program with online workbooks, 24/7 networking group, and a community of entrepreneurs. It teaches how to focus on client results so you can attract more leads, close more effectively and unlock the scalability of your business. You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group, follow the process, get results.

Six Figure Startups is a 7-week online program with online workbooks, live Q&A calls and a community of entrepreneurs. It teaches how to start a successful business with a proper foundation. You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.


Ever wondered how you can create consistent flow of leads leveraging your LinkedIn profile to grow your business?

Discover the proven way to position your LinkedIn profile and leverage automation to generate a consistent flow of leads and grow your business without spending any money on advertising!

Book Israel to Speak -- And Empower Your Audience As Never Before

Over the past 7 years, Israel Duran has touched and transformed thousands of lives through his stage presentations, live events, virtual trainings and media appearances.  Is your stage next?  Get in touch and find out what’s possible for your audience.

Discover, Design and Deliver Your Gifted Solution

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Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME FREE TICKET to Israel’s 2-Day Profit with Purpose Online Event. You’ll walk away from the event ready to start or scale your purpose-driven business with clarity, confidence and clear communication for helping you monetize what you love!