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Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Minister, Business Strategist

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Israel Duran is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, business strategist, and Founder of IDA (Israel Duran and Associates), IDA is a global coaching and training company focused on helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs leverage their knowledge and expertise to create highly profitable businesses that impact individuals, businesses, and the world.

Israel Duran has equipped several entrepreneurs around the world. He has educated audiences on business development and purpose so they can “Profit with Purpose”, have an impact, and create positive change in the world.

The one thing you can count on when you have Israel Duran in front of your audience is they will be impacted, inspired, and influenced to create positive change in their life.

He proved his business and marketing techniques by starting more then 4 businesses which allowed him to uncover principles that deliver results.  Now, he teaches people how to establish the 4 pillars of business in their industry.

He has delighted thousands being featured on radio in the US and conferences around the globe.

Request Israel Duran as a guest for your:
TV Show, Radio Show, Internet Show, Speaking Event, or Keynote.

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What Do They Say…

"Over $380K In Revenue!"

From a direct result of working with Israel, within 11 months he generated over $380K in revenue. He is now pursuing his purpose and protecting the future of his family financially.

Nilo T.

Founder, Kingship Construction

"He's Hands Down a World Class Expert"

After working with Israel he now has several marketing funnels that allow him to attract leads and sales. Before working with Israel struggling to streamline his online process.

David C.

Founder, eWorkforce Technologies

"Israel Training Style Is Straight To The Point, No Fluff"

"Israel went over and above what was expected, I would highly recommend anyone looking to start or grow their small business to work with Israel."

Joshua B.

CEO & Founder, Fortified Logic

"Israel Comes With The Highest Level of Integrity" After working with Israel he is now able to grab attention and attract his desired client with integrity.

David T.

Co-Founder, Win Enterprises

"Its Really Impacted Our Lives Personally" After working with Israel they are now leveraging many online resources that they were not aware of.

Tanya C.

Co-Founder, Mike Craft Medicare