How To Scale Your Cold Traffic Offers

About Me

Israel Duran is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist.

Israel Duran is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, business strategist and Founder of Israel Duran and Associates, a global coaching and training company focused on helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs leverage their knowledge and expertise to create highly profitable businesses that impact individuals, businesses and the world.

For many years, 100s of individuals have enjoyed the passionate, driven, and transformational power of his business and personal development coaching and writings.

Author of Money Management Mindset: 7 Strategies to Financial Management. Mr. Duran has empowered many individuals from many different countries with his audio, video and business training programs.

Israel works with aspiring purpose-driven entrepreneurs that are ready for transformation. People who want to take bold steps to advance in life and to break down the barriers that have been holding them back.

“Become The Solution” is one of Israel’s favorite sayings, as he encourages individuals to solve the problems this world faces. He helps people accomplish their goals with the mindset of becoming the solution.

Partner with Israel as he empowers countless individuals and businesses to accomplish their goals through the unique framework and transferable techniques he imparts. Click here to see if you qualify for no cost session!