How To Go Higher Faster In Your Business


Work with Israel to generate rapid results in your business/life
Would you like to have Israel Duran work directly with you to help you create your marketing, optimize your operations, sales strategy, presentation and/or close. Israel has worked with companies, top-speakers, marketers, coaches, consultants and authors to brand and accelerate their business in record time.

4 Pillars of Business





The 4 Pillars of Business

Running a successful business requires systems that work efficiently and effectively. As well as having great people to manage those systems, for unlocking the full potential of your business. Israel will help you develop and implement the systems needed to take your business to the next level. While implementing the great people for your business success. Using the 4 Pillars of Business, Branding/Marketing, Sales and Operations.

When it comes to growing your business, fundamentals and principles cannot be ignored. Whatever you fail to manage you will loss, as the old saying goes. Re align yourself with these business fundamentals and principles and your business will grow. Partner with Israel to re focus and develop strategic strategies to accomplish your business goals and vision. While growing your business to greater level of success, sales and service.

Business Mindset

Without the right business principles and mindset your business will be limited. Every entrepreneur should have a business mindset, and understand the laws of business. 50% of small businesses fail in the first two years because of ignorance to these business principles. Israel will empower you in establishing a concrete business foundation that is fit to your business mission, vision and goals. Even if you have a business founded already, Israel can help you refine it with proven business principles and proven processes.

Marketing and Branding Strategy

What strategy are you using to generate leads? Are you an expert at Facebook ads, google ads, you tube? What is your unique selling point? How are you collecting data on why people DON’T buy? What’s your cost to acquire a new customer? What’s your plan to scale that number up? The good news is you don't need to be an expert at Fb or Google Ads, working with Israel will allow you to bypass the hundreds of mistakes people make when creating a marketing strategy.

Sales Training

Sales is the fuel to any business, if you do not have the proper sales process in place your business will not grow. That's why its mission critical for any business to have a clearly defined sales process and system that can suspend disbelief, build creditably, establish value and answer all your client objections before they bring them up. Partner with Israel to maximise your sales potential today. The foundational principles and techniques Israel imparts will increase your sales rate, improve your sales skills and allow you to capture opportunities that could be missed.

Operations Leadership

The big picture! Our executive coaching will enhance your overall leadership capacity, bringing a higher level of performance — for you, your team and your organization. Our strategic passionate approach works. Our goal is to help you or your team reach, understand and release their full potential with excellent results. If you are a one man show you will still need to have your operations in order for effective business growth.

Power Hour Investment

$5,000 per/hour

Silver Investment 1-day

$12,500 (4 Hours)

Gold Investment 2-day

$22,500 (4 hours per/day)

​ ​One Year


Add $10,000.00 + First Class in the US ($20,000.00 USD Outside The United States) travel if Israel would be coming to you. Otherwise all consulting is done remotely and face-to-face through (ZOOM) video conferencing. There are no refunds or guarantees. All consulting fees and travel expenses are paid up front.