The success habits of successful people are definitely what distinguishes them from the rest. They don’t live their daily lives the way most of us do. Talk about sacrifices and delayed gratification – these are the things they know very well.

Do you want to achieve the same level of success in your life? Then there is no better way to do it than to model their success habits.

They Chose to Be Successful

Ultra successful people didn’t just wait for success to come to them. They drew it with hard work and commitment. No, they didn’t have an overnight success story. Theirs was an accumulation of consistent dedication and effort. They developed success habits and stuck to it. This is exactly what every individual must do to become successful as well.

8 Success Habits to Cultivate Right Now

It is never too late for anyone to start cultivating success habits. The important thing is that you acknowledge your shortcomings and you are willing to make yourself better. The good thing is that you don’t have to begin from scratch because you can simply follow the examples of successful people. Think about Bill Gates, Tim Ferris, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Kobe Bryant, and more. They all teach us lessons on success and all we have to do is to adopt the habits that led them to success.

Here are 8 of the long list habits that you must cultivate in your life right now to be successful:

#1 of 8 Success Habits: Get up early

Now, let’s talk about these 8 success habits individually with getting up early being first. Tom Corley, the author of the best-selling book “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” surveyed 233 self-made millionaires. He gathered information about their daily habits. He also surveyed 128 individuals who were earning an annual gross income of less than $35,000 and compared the answers he got. One of his findings is that 50% of the successful respondents wake up at least 3 hours before their actual work starts. They use these first 3 hours to do plan their day, do personal projects, and exercise. They advise identifying the top 3 things that you want to accomplish for the day so you are taking control of your life.

#2 of 8 Success Habits: Organize your to-do list in order of importance

I personally like Brooks Powell’s habit of organizing his to-do list. He is the founder and CEO of Thrive+ by the way, a supplement for alleviating the negative effects of alcohol in the body. According to him, he usually has 20 things on his to-do list, arranged according to importance. Then instead of aiming to get all these things done, he spends his time finishing the most important ones first. When something important pops up, he adds it up to its corresponding place on the queue. This way, he is able to prioritize what needs to be accomplished urgently.

#3 of 8 Success Habits: Read a lot

Whoever thinks that reading is for nerds is totally wrong. It is the opposite in fact. Think about past U.S. President Obama Albert Einstein, and Mark Cuban. All read books avidly.

Bill Gates has a habit of reading at least 1 hour before his bedtime. J.K. Rowling read anything as a child and the result is her creative imagination.

So, what can reading do for you? Well, it can save you from a whole bunch of mistakes you can commit as a rookie. You will learn from the mistakes and victories of others. Some of the best personal development books that are worth reading include the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and the 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris.

#4 of 8 Success Habits: Build your momentum

Another notable difference between a successful person and an ordinary individual is that the first works even if s/he doesn’t feel like it. Successful people don’t wait for ideal conditions to get to work, they simply start. So, how do you do this? Quite simple. Once your work hour starts, get your butt off the couch and do your work. All you need is the first 15 minutes to build your momentum and then everything will follow.

I’d like to borrow words from E.B. White, the author of Charlotte’s Web. He once wrote that “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” This is a good application regardless of your occupation or business.

#5 of 8 Success Habits: Immerse yourself in a few minutes of focused thinking

Do you think that successful people always have things going on in their mind all the time? Then you’ll be surprised to know that this isn’t the case. In fact, they make sure to spend 15-30 minutes a day for focused thinking. This means that they take time to process everything that’s happening in their lives. These include their health, relationships, and career. You see, it is not all work all the time. It’s about aiming for a well-balanced life. It is about not taking for granted the things that matter besides earning money. The best thing to do this habit is during the mornings where you think in isolation. A Harvard-trained doctor also suggests taking at least 2 minutes at work to do nothing but focus on your breathing. These relaxation techniques are powerful ways to reduce stress.

#6 of 8 Success Habits: Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you

Ever heard the saying “You are only as successful as those you choose to surround yourself with”? Well, I couldn’t agree more.

From now on, start building your network of successful people. Join groups and events that share your personal interests or career. This is how you get to meet self-made millionaires. You know why? Because successful people don’t hoard their knowledge. They usually like to volunteer and accept invites from organizations who desire to have them as keynote speakers. Take advantage of these kinds of activities. Moreover, don’t hold yourself back by thinking that investing for knowledge and skills is not essential. This is actually what you need to unlock your full potential.

#7 of 8 Success Habits: Practice hard work

Multi-awarded tennis athlete Serena Williams shares her success secret. She always wakes up at 6 A.M. to practice the sport since she was a kid. Her after-school routine also involved practicing tennis. Mark Cuban didn’t go on vacation for 7 years when he was starting his business. If this ain’t dedication, tell me what is. But then again, do not forget the 8th success habit…

#8 of 8 Success Habits: Prioritize self-care

This one’s EXTREMELY important. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the value of self-care. Yes, you sure want to maintain your momentum and dedicate yourself to building your career or your business. However, how could you enjoy the fruits of your labor when you end up either sick or dead? This is the sad reality – we live to work and often forget that we work to live…

Taking care of yourself is an essential ingredient of success. Wake up every morning and do your exercise. It only takes 15-30 minutes a day to get your body moving and functioning properly. You also must be conscious with what you feed your body. Make sure to fuel it with healthy foods and hydrate a lot. After work, getting quality sleep must be a priority. Turn off electronic devices as much as possible so you don’t get tempted to reply to an email in the middle of the night. You treat your body, mind, and soul when you practice all these self-care habits. You will be surprised to feel being at your best self every single day when you reward yourself with the care it deserves.

What Now?

By this time I hope you gained the dose of motivation you need to get on with your goals. There is nothing impossible to people who desire to change their lives. By implementing these 8 success habits, you are aligning yourself to victory.

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