Time management is a struggle for most people nowadays. We have so much to do, yet so little time in our hands. We strive to juggle work and personal activities, yet one thing remains clear, we don’t have enough time.

The issue is about not having enough time but it’s all about managing time itself. We want to make it all happen all at once that at the end of the day, we end up with incomplete, unfinished tasks. Now, isn’t that frustrating!

However, there are better ways to manage time. Experts suggests that we make time work for us. Here are some great tips!

1. Stick To Your Schedule

Organize your days and weeks ahead of time. Doing so, will definitely help you in managing your time. There will always be unexpected things that can happen, but planning in advance can assist you in improving your time management skills.

Tracking every single thing you do will also help you to track time and better manage it. This good habit will help you to determine patterns and recurring tasks, which will help you come up with a daily schedule. Write down who you need to call, email or meet with. Being effective in the little will make room for you to be effective with much.

2. Prioritize

This is another thing to remember when managing time. You have to know which tasks are important and which ones to prioritize. This helps you to execute a project well since you are able to recognize the various priorities.

First off, is to determine which tasks are most crucial to your business. This helps you to see which tasks or activities yield the best returns. That way you can find out which ones you need to handle as your first priority. What tasks do not need your personal attention delegate to someone on your team. You will not be able to grow your business if you try to be a one man show. You cannot be a sales and marketing expert, make the product, do bookkeeping, attend events etc. As your business grows you will need to hire.

3. Set Specific Boundaries

A good example of this tip is to let your family and friends know when you are not available so you can have peace of mind while working. When you are at peace, you become more productive. So it’s always necessary to set boundaries!

It’s easy to check social media or pick up that phone call but stick to your boundaries. Focus on one thing at a time. If you allow other people to dictate what you do, you will never accomplish what you want. To make sure this works, always have a plan in advance on how you can set boundaries – such as which hours of the day, you would not want to be disturbed except in cases of an emergency.

4. Consider Taking Breaks

There are times when no matter how hard you try, distractions will always pop out here and there. This is a fact of life that is inevitable. Plus no one can work for hours without having a breather.

Taking on quick short breaks is necessary for you to stay productive. You can go use the bathroom, get a drink or stretch a little. Do not take a break and call someone you know that loves to talk or start to clean. Breaks are meant to help you to focus better on the task not to completely derail you.

Believe it or not most entrepreneurs would recommend that you do this. Besides, who can work with an empty stomach or with a tired head?

5. Avoid Bad Distractions

If you need to consider good distractions, then the opposite of that is to never give in to bad distractions. One big negative distraction that you must take note of is – to not watch TV or check your social media sites while working. That one minute on Facebook can turn into endless scrolling.

These can drain your time and energy, distracting you from focusing on what’s important. So you need to find out which distractions can take too much of your time and do your best to avoid them.

6. Use Technology

These days there are lots of time management apps out there that you can use both for Android and iOS devices. Such technology helps you manage your activities allowing you to boost your productivity levels.

Utilizing technology to help you manage your time can help ensure that you are doing what needs to be done. Software applications like Rescue Time, Cal, Trello or Toggl can be your diligent assistants in helping you manage your time effectively.

7. Do Not Procrastinate

Most of us have this bad habit. We tend to delay things or activities because we think we have so much time in our hands. This is where we tend to mess up with managing our time.

“If you can do it today, then don’t wait for tomorrow to do it”. If you want to make the most of your time, then follow this Golden Rule. Remember that it’s always better to have extra time on your hands, rather than beat the clock with deadlines.

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