First off, there are no secrets to success! To succeed in life, you need to give 100% of yourself to a goal and get the full energy you need to get the task done. Then you need to be at peace with yourself.  

Having a life of abundance starts with peace for your mind and heart. You need to de-clutter your life of the things you no longer need.

So how do you exactly do this?

1. Avoid the Scarcity Mindset

Every now and then, we all experience bouts of this. On rough days it’s quite easy to fall into a trance like state, just thinking about the things we don’t have.  This is called the scarcity mindset and we can feed it for hours. It can run our minds and take over our bodies. In the long run, we become sedentary, frustrated and depressed. We worry over the things we don’t have and we become ungrateful for what we already have.

We hear a lot of people say, “I have no money, no ability, no motivation, no love.” People with this kind of mindset fear that there is nothing good enough to surround them, for them to succeed in life.  This is their main excuse for failure. They always feel less of everything, including themselves.

All it takes is a shift of mindset, into thinking of abundance, of the limitless plethora of opportunities that lie ahead with positive thinking and a grateful heart.  Listen to motivating people like Myles Munroe, John Maxwell or Les Brown. If you constantly hear good things eventually it will get into your mind and subconscious. You will begin to do what you think of yourself.

Do you have what it takes to turn your mindset around and shift towards a better tomorrow?

2. Be A Risk Taker

This can be a hard one to balance. Most people want to play it safe, instead of taking the risk. However what most people don’t know is that most successful entrepreneurs are risk-takers.  If you dream big and want to succeed in life, then taking risks will be part of the road less traveled.

You need to go a little further and take the path where most people fear to tread. Only then will you see the good possibilities of overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Taking risks is an attitude that not everyone has. Risk takers see change as a welcome and fresh opportunity to learn something new.  The ability to adapt out of your comfort zone is a skill that not everyone can master.

Are you prepared to take the road less traveled?

3. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

Perfection is subjective. It is always hard to understand people who think of themselves as perfect beings or as perfectionists or even the ones who chase perfection.  This is a subjective state of mind. What may be perfect for you may be mediocre to some people.

It’s hard to assess perfection when the source and meaning of it is different for every single person.  Pursuing your passion through an imperfect journey and learning to go with the flow in life is what makes the whole ride enjoyable. You may not be able to achieve perfection but do your due diligence and you will succeed.

Do you see yourself as a perfectionist?

4. Always Welcome Competition

Having this mindset allows you to go forward and advance towards a tough situation not by aggression but by keeping calm, centered and grounded.  It’s about treating your competition not as an opponent that you need to defeat but as a guest whom you can learn from.

When you apply this mindset to your business or personal journey, then the results can be quite phenomenal. Learning to look at your competitors as mentors for learning new things,  will lead you to endless possibilities and bring you wisdom, that you can greatly benefit from.

Do you always see your competition as your enemy?

5. Embrace Feedback

Some of us, actually hate doing this.  Most people hate it when other people oppose their ideas or have something negative to say about it.  Not being open to feedback can actually destroy you and hold you back from pursuing great opportunities in life.

We get upset when someone disagrees with us.  We often get defensive about it and worse, we see the people giving us negative feedback as our deepest darkest enemies. Does this sound familiar? You bet.  In one way or another, we hate negative feedback even more, especially when it’s thrown at us.

So, how good are you with feedback?

What most of us fail to understand, is that all the things mentioned in this article are all necessary in life, because it’s all part of a learning process.  

We get scared at life because we don’t know what’s out there.  That is understandable but never let that fear hold you back from stepping up and living life to its fullest.

For this is the only way to grow, learn and survive.  Once you are able to accept all the hard truth about these facts, then you will surely be on your way to embracing success, no matter what life throws at you.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Colin Powell

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