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“Israel Duran exceeded our expectations and were able to consult and direct us in several other business and security areas we did not expect.

He always was available and made extra efforts to meet our timelines and provided the details and analytics we requested which were out of scope of our original contract. We look forward to hiring Israel Duran again and highly recommend them.”

Dan H.
Prilock Security Inc.

“Israel Duran is THE BEST business strategist I’ve worked with to start and grow my business. He has given me a mindset that has helped me better manage my business and personal finances.

The involvement he needs from me is simple, effective and doesn’t 
consume my time so that I can focus on growing my business. We love Israel!”

Nilo T.
Kingship Construction

“I have known Israel Duran for almost 7 years now. Being an owner of a Business Growth and Marketing firm has given me access to a number of IT Companies.

Yet I have not encountered anyone who is stronger at cyber and network security than Israel Duran. His work ethic, integrity, and attention to detail in business practices are desperately needed by many business owners.”

Sean I.
Isaac's Marketing Group


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